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SERIPRESS is a specialist in the manufacturing of all digital media intended for the general public: DVD, Audio CD, CD-Rom

With more than 10 years of experience in the manufacturing of CDs and DVDs , SERIPRESS takes care of all your CD needs!

DVD Video

DVD Video

The controlled cutting technology now allows us to offer our customers the 8 cm DVD on which we can put up to 40 minutes of video. This highly innovative format is particularly sought after for the company presentation.

Audio CD

Audio CD

Our experience makes us one of the first manufacturers of CD.

CD Rom

CD Rom

The CD Rom has replaced the diskette 3 "1/2 by allowing the emergence of the multimedia market thanks to its tremendous storage capacity.Our history of former diskette duplicator naturally pushed us towards this segment which now accounts for more than 50% of our production.


Thanks to a young, dynamic and competent team , SERIPRESS NE is recognized by a group of customers in France and in many European countries.
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Quality, responsiveness, flexibility, and performance are for SERIPRESS the essential factors for the success of the partnership that we wish to establish with our customers.

garagedoor window.edited.doc

Garage Door Windows Having windows on your garage doors can be beneficial. Unfortunately, they also pose a safety hazard to your family. You need to ask yourself if the glass used is strong enough and durable to keep away thieves. Before deciding to add the windows to your garage doors, you need to take a lot into consideration. Although most garage doors do not come with pre- installed windows, you can always go back and have them added. Pros of having garage windows Appeal Garage windows add to the visual appeal of your curb. What’s more, you can even have them coordinated with the other house windows for an overall appeal. Light Garages are often dark and adding windows on your doors can enhance the natural light that gets in....

Garage Door Use and Value

Garage doors are important for a variety of different reasons. They keep you safe, make your life easier and can transform your garage in many ways. Having a garage door instead of just a regular door or a less utilitarian door would hurt the usability of your garage. And when it comes to garages the flexibility and over all utility of the garage is a big reason to have a garage. Garages serve as an extremely useful room in your home that can replace or supplement the usage of nearly any other room in your home. The garage can serve as an extra portion of the kitchen if you need a second pantry, fridge or freezer. The garage can be turned into a makeshift bedroom with some insulation a bed...

Difference between CD and DVD

Compact discs popularly known as CDs is a device that is used to store data, and a digital video disc is known as DVD they are also used to store data, but they accept high definition material, and you can hold more data in the drive. Both DVDs and CDs look alike in size and shape and are used for the same purpose. Just because they look identical and have the same usage, we cannot conclude that both CDs and DVDs are the same. The following are some of the differences between a CD and a DVD. Video output: Most of the DVD players will have an output from where you can connect the player to your television and also play the video or audio content on the disc. A...

Top 5 Things you can do with a DVD

DVDs and CD have been around for more than 30 years. There were times when we walked with a Discman and loaded our favorite movies and music in CDs and DVDs. For those who do not know, DVD is a digital optical disc storage format that was developed and invented by Philips, Panasonic, Sony, and Toshiba in the year 1995. You will be able to store digital data in a DVD, and it was primarily used for storing computer files and also to store. DVDs have higher storage capacity when compared to compact discs but have the same dimensions. Initially, DVDs were used for data storage, and you can record music and videos in them. But as technology improved we started to use other mediums for storage of data. Storing...