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Garage Door Windows

Having windows on your garage doors can be beneficial. Unfortunately, they
also pose a safety hazard to your family. You need to ask yourself if the
glass used is strong enough and durable to keep away thieves. Before
deciding to add the windows to your garage doors, you need to take a lot
into consideration. Although most garage doors do not come with pre-
installed windows, you can always go back and have them added.

Pros of having garage windows


Garage windows add to the visual appeal of your curb. What’s more, you can
even have them coordinated with the other house windows for an overall


Garages are often dark and adding windows on your doors can enhance the
natural light that gets in.

Cons of having garage doors

Less privacy

Depending on where you place the windows, they can enable anyone to see
inside your garage. This puts your belongings, as well as your house, in
imminent danger.

Less energy efficient

Adding windows to your garage doors will certainly make your garage a bit
less energy efficient.

You will have to weigh the pros and cons of having the garage door windows.
Should the pros outweigh the cons, you can go ahead and have them
installed. However, do not have just any other windows installed. Take a
look at some of the things to consider when installing the garage door


Choosing the perfect design should be a key priority. You will need to
choose a design that complements the existing design of your home. Remember
that the design will affect the overall look of your home, so customize the
shape of the windows with that in mind.


As much as you desire the natural light, you do not want to put your safety
in jeopardy. Consider placing the windows at the top section of the doors
only. You can further go ahead and choose tinted or frosted windows. They
will maintain your privacy, while at the same time letting natural light
into the garage.

Quality material

Choose windows made from quality material. For the window panes, I suggest
polypropylene which does not fade over time like other materials. Use real
glass for the windows which does not scratch easily. Go extra and use
double panes rather than single panes for added security. They also
maintain your garage’s energy efficiency.

Cost efficiency

While deciding what garage windows to install, you will have to consider
the cost of the windows. The cost of garage door repair can also be large. Although some windows may seem more expensive initially, they could prove to be more cost efficient if you take into account installation and maintenance. Rather than opt for cheap windows that will have you always replacing them, go for the expensive but more durable ones. They could save you some pennies in the long run.

Garage door windows are not a necessity, but they do enhance the appeal of
your curb. If you decide to have them installed, make sure to take the
necessary steps to ensure your safety.

About the author: Weaver Anthony