Top 5 Things you can do with a DVD

DVDs and CD have been around for more than 30 years. There were times when we walked with a Discman and loaded our favorite movies and music in CDs and DVDs. For those who do not know, DVD is a digital optical disc storage format that was developed and invented by Philips, Panasonic, Sony, and Toshiba in the year 1995. You will be able to store digital data in a DVD, and it was primarily used for storing computer files and also to store. DVDs have higher storage capacity when compared to compact discs but have the same dimensions.

Initially, DVDs were used for data storage, and you can record music and videos in them. But as technology improved we started to use other mediums for storage of data. Storing of data has become very efficient and secure. Now we have storage devices which are so small and handy that we no longer need to use DVDs and CDs.


But most of us have lots of old DVDs and CDs at home which we hardly use anymore. The following are some of the things you can do with a DVD:

Dream catchers:

You can use old DVDs you make dream catchers. Many designs and colors can be added to the disc, and you can hang it anywhere you want. It is also a fun way to entertain your children; when you add attractive colors to the drive it makes it look very beautiful, and you can hang it in your child’s room to give the room a better look and at the same time entertain your children.

Wind chimes:

Wind chimes make your homes look beautiful. They produce a tinkling sound, and it is a symbol of good fortune and charm. You can hang few DVDs together in your garden or a place where there is a lot of wind and listen to the DVDs dashing on each other.

Wall clock:

DVDs are in perfect shape for a wall clock. You can paint your favorite design on the disc and use it as the base for a wall clock. You just have to make sure that you place the numbers correctly.

Wall art:

DVDs have a shiny surface, and you can use them to make your walls look good. Cut the discs into small pieces and arrange it in the desired shape and you can sick them on your wall to create a beautiful wall art.

One can argue that DVDs need to be used for the purpose that it is created but when that goal is satisfied by a better device and as the mainstream culture no longer uses DVDs, we can make use of these discs lying at home for various other things. You can come up with unique ideas and create innovative things and decorate your home with old and unused discs.

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