Material resources

Located on the site of Bulgneville for 4 years SERIPRESS is positioned as a key player on the market of DVD and CD.
With a monthly production capacity of more than 4 million records made entirely in a controlled atmosphere room, SERIPRESS really represents an alternative to your multimedia manufacturing needs.

The Glassmaster

Equipped with the most efficient quality control equipment on the market, SERIPRESS is an independent presser with all the machines necessary for its total autonomy: with an integrated glassmastering unit like ours, we can produce more than 50 dies a day. gives security and flexibility to the first phase of our pressing business.
This vertical integration also allows us to offer new copy protection technologies for computer video, and soon audio.
Placed in a class 10,000 clean room, this equipment allows us to transfer your precious data to a nickel matrix used later in our 60 ton injection presses.


With an installed fleet of 12 presses of the last generation we are able to produce more than 180,000 cd / dvd daily.
These fully automatic machines incorporate, thanks to the most sophisticated robotics, all the techniques necessary for the manufacture of a disc:
These are:
– pressing using 60 ton injection machines
– vacuum metallization using the sputtering process
– and finally gluing lacquering to protect your data
Our entire fleet is also equipped with all the elements necessary for a real quality control in continuous and disk by disc.
Engineers, technicians, operators provide 365 days a year in 5 teams the implementation of all the technology necessary for the manufacture and control of your products.

Screen printing

Our production site also provides packaging and logistics services.
From your elements, our screenprinters can carry out all your printing work from 1 to 5 colors including using the pantone reference to respect the integrity of your graphic chart. To this end and to optimize our reactivity we are able to produce all of our Pantone inks internally.
Control cameras ensure throughout screen printing operations the traceability of your products using a code that personalizes each of your references

The conditioning

In order to constantly improve its performance SERIPRESS, has the most productive automatic packaging lines on the market.
With rates of up to 120 rounds per minute we pack daily cardboard or plastic pouches, with or without flyer, standard box or double, as well as DVD boxes that can hold up to 3 additional items.
A team dedicated to specific packaging allows us to meet all your creative needs by adapting your requirements to our industrial realities.

Quality, responsiveness, flexibility, and performance are for SERIPRESS the essential factors for the success of the partnership that we wish to establish with our customers.